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Tassie, Marchant & Brown - Glass Gems

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Please follow this link for details of  the History of Tassie 

A purple glass medallion Classical Soldier after the Antique

oval, signed BROWN.


A clear glass medalion intaglio cut with a classical scene

rectanglular with chamfered cormers, signed BROWN

A Purple Glass Medallion by Brown

of a classical male head, the signature BROWN within a rectangular cartouche flanked by two triangular motifs, located at the back of the head.

A Purple glass medallion

of a stag in a landscape, oval.

A blue glass medallion intaglio cut with a classical scene

probably depicting the judgement of Solomon, inscribed BROWN

William Brown (1748-1825)

An amethyst glass medallion moulded with the Three Graces, after Antonio Canova


An amethyst glass medallion moulded with a classical group,

probably by James Tassie

A purple glass medallion of an Antique portrait bust

inscribed MARCHANT


An emerald glass medallion moulded with an alpine view.




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