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Bohemian Glass

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 Andrew has published a short but definitive paper on the History of Bohemian Glass please read for further information.

A Bohemian Zwischengoldglas Flared Beaker

the base enclosing a 'lucky' shamrock/four leaf clover, circa 1860, 3in (7.5cm) high approx.

Exterior of the shamrock flared beaker

A Bohemian Double Overlay Pink/White Flared Beaker

A Bohemian Zwischengoldglas Flared Beaker

the central decoration of a wild pansy, circa 1860, 3in (7.5cm) high approx.

The message 'Think of me' represented by the pansy flower is only revealed once the glass is empty.

Exterior of the Zwischengoldglass Pansy flared beaker

A Bohemian Double Overlay Blue/White Chalice

A cameo glass standing scent bottle attributed to F Zach,

white metal mounts encrusted with 'jewelling', 1865-70, 10 in (25cm) approx.

Detail of the engraving on the scent bottle attributed to Zach

A Large Bohemian Annagrun Goblet and Cover,

with fine quality polychrome enamelling, silvering and gilding. The cutting to the cover simulating cut emeralds, circa 1845, 16in (41cm) approx.

A Bohemiam Amber to clear Bottle of Christian Interest

the stopper in the form of a crucifix, with a very well engraved Christ on the Cross, 8 1/2in (21.5cm) high.

The engraving is simply of the finest quality.

See previous image for description.

An exceptionally rare Bohemian multi-coloured cased vase

of baluster form on starburst foot beneath a crenellated rim, circa1845, Central Bohemia, 101/2in (26.5cm) approx.

A Bohemian three colour cased glass Spa Beaker,

circa 1850, 6 1/2in (15cm) high

A Persian Taste bottle vase

gilded in panels, 1875, Count Harrach factory, 10 1/2in (26.5cm)

Made expressly for the Islamic Market

A Bohemian 'Tumble up' - carafe and tumbler-

cobalt blue cut through to clear with named spa views, circa 1875, 10 1/2in (27cm) approx .

A Bohemian amethyst double cased beaker

cut through to clear with panels representing Music and Love, 1860, 8in (20cm) high

A Bohemian red flash shot glass in the form of an eye bath,

cut through to clear with 'Eye Opener' above an open eye motif, 2 in (5cm) approx. £125

A Good Bohemian Ruby Flash Engraved Goblet & Cover,

decorated with stags in an extensive wooded landscape, circa 1860, 16in (40cm) approx.

A Bohemian blue overlay Butter Tub, Cover and Stand

cut to resemble an open flower, the petals decorated with sprigs, circa 1850, 71/2in (18cm) wide, approx.

A selection of Bohemian goblets and covers, circa 1850-1875.

A Bohemian turquoise opaline casket

of bombe form, gilded with views of a spa town, Novy Bor, circa 1860, 6in (16cm) wide approx. MINT CONDITION

A 'Great Exhibition' Goblet 1851

ruby, cut through to clear with typical views. This goblet is of the finer and rarer variety marked 'Great Exhibition' produced in Bohemia expressly for the exhibition whilst is was situated in Hyde Park, London.

A Bohemian alabaster glass goblet and cover,

engraved and gilded with spa views, English coronet and initials, c. 1860, 9.5cm (24cm)

A Bohemian footed overlay vase,

decorated with painted panels of flowers and a rabbit, c.1870, 8 3/4in (22cm) high

A Magnificent ruby stained and carved goblet and cover of equine interest,

engraved with a running stallion ( an unusual subject ), 13in high approx. Bohemian, Annahutte, circa 1865.

A Bohemian ruby flash footed beaker,

engraved with a view of a spa town and titled 'La Fontaine Elise', c.1875, 5in (13cm) high.

A pair of Bohemian white on ruby overlay vases,

cut with 'gothic' panels, c.1870, 11 3/4in (34.5cm)

A colourless Bohemian glass goblet,

finely engraved with rutting stags to one side, the bucket shape bowl engraved on the reverse with British Royal coat of arms, 8in high approx, probably a Royal gift, circa 1875.

A Bohemian white cased Cream set,

applied red rims, comprising a jug, four small jugs and a tray, circa 1860

An unusual liqueur set of Operatic Interest

each piece engraved and gilded with a music stave and the lyrics (in German) from various operas by Wagner, c.1885, the decanter with conforming stopper, decanter 7 12in (19cm). £950.

Drinking Glasses Titled

Siegfried, Valkeri, Rheingold, Meister Singer, Fl Hollander, Parsifal

Decanter & Stopper Titles

N. Vibelungen

An unusual Bohemian double overlay beaker of Masonic and Nautical Interest

turquoise blue and white overlay cut through to clear and engraved with Lodge No 30289, a paddlesteamer, the name Gustav Salanna (? l or possibly t?) the dates 28th December 1859 & 20th November 1859 and Masonic symbol of two hands shaking in greeting or agreement, c.1860, 6in (15.5cm) high.

A Pair of Bohemian Glass Scent Bottles

overlaid in white and cut through to cranberry, the panels painted with floral arrangements, 5 1/2in (14cm) high.


One of a pair of Bohemian overlay decanters,

of hookah form, made for the Islamic market, c.1865, 13 1/2cm (34.5cm) high. SOLD

A Bohemian Glass Perfume Bottle Casket

c.1875, lockable casket with key. 7in wide approx.

View of the closed casket

A Large pair of Bohemian Glass Goblets




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